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Upcoming Events

Performance Management:
The Magic of a Face-to-Face Conversation

San Francisco, CA

HR Star Conference
July 13, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
South San Francisco Conference Center
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Managing Change at Warp Speed

Power Lunch with Power Training Webinar
July 14, 11:15 am - 12:15 pm PST

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Getting Employees to
Own Results

Cleveland, OH

HR Star Conference
July 20, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Holiday Inn Independence
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Top News

This month, we take a close look at some of the peripheral affects of the recession - those that may make companies struggle with recovery in more ways than just financially. Read on for tidbits on employee dissatisfaction, financial distress, and general burnout. On a more positive note, we explore some of the recent changes proposed by President Obama to remove some frivolous regulations on businesses.

No Vacation Nation
Workers in France receive an average of 37 vacation days per year and use 35 of them; the average British worker gets 28 vacation days and uses 25. And in America, employees receive on average 18 days of vacation and use just 14 of them. Analysts suggest burnout of employees is the result and recount some creative approaches by U.S. companies to combat this growing trend.
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Retired, or Just Tired?
During the recession, employees both young and old resorted to drawing on their retirement benefits just to make ends meet. While this may seem like a strictly employee-related issue, this trend definitely raises questions and concerns for employers as well.
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(Heart) Your Employees
As the media releases more and more coverage on the disappointing economic trends of late, Gallup adds fuel to the fire with a recent poll on job satisfaction that suggests that companies still struggling to leave the recession in their rearview mirrors are now carrying a great number of dissatisfied employees to boot.
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In the Red. . . Tape
While many refer to the May jobs report and the still-high unemployment rate (9.1%) to suggest that the U.S. economy is still in dire straits, the Obama administration appears to be taking some creative approaches to spurring as much recovery as possible. On May 26, the White House revealed a plan to eliminate old, frivolous federal regulations that place unnecessarily burdens on businesses across the country.
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Management Matters
Successfully climbing the corporate ladder is something to be proud of, but sometimes finding yourself at a higher management level than your former peers can create workplace tension and resentment. In our advice blog, Job Talk with Anita Clew, your peers have asked how to handle this situation. See what we had to say.

  Go Figure

  72% Percentage of employers who do NOT have a formal program to regularly solicit employee feedback, according to HR firm Market Tools' February 2011 survey of U.S. employees, 47% of whom ranked salary as the leading cause of employee dissatisfaction.  
  What Do You Think?
Does your company regularly survey its employees to gauge their satisfaction? Weigh in
  • We never have.
  • We used to but stopped during the recession.
  • We conduct a survey on a regular basis.
  • We only conduct informal surveys.
Safety Rules
Fraud is a hidden cost of workers’ compensation insurance that impacts employers, injured workers, and the general public. Industry experts estimate that 5-20% of workers’ comp benefits paid are fraudulent in nature. Fraudulent activities can be committed by injured workers, employers, and health care providers, and those reviewing claims should always keep an eye out for inconsistencies and red flags. Six good tips to prevent fraud include:
  1. Screen applicants
  2. Check all references
  3. Run background checks
  4. Question and investigate every claim
  5. Post fraud deterrent posters and banners at your work site
  6. Report fraud

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