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October 4-5
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Top News

This month, we once again take a look at the economy and how America's skittishness is having strong ripple effects in growth, job creation, the stock market, and more. Appropriately, job creation will get a lot of attention in the month kicked off by Labor Day, starting with President Obama's planned speech to propose ideas to boost hiring and with ongoing Congressional debates on the issue.

Stock Market See-Saw
In recent weeks, the U.S. and global stock markets have been on a roller coaster ride that's leaving many businesspeople and economists sick to their stomachs. The U.S. market is down approximately 15% month-over-month, and no one knows what will happen on Wall Street from one day to the next.
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Jobs Back in the Spotlight
With the Debt Ceiling Deal done but the economy still reeling from the debate and a couple of months of slow growth before it, the government's attention has been firmly refocused on the subject that has most Americans feeling nervous – jobs. President Obama will be presenting new ideas to boost hiring in a speech immediately after Labor Day (September 5) and just days after the August Employment Situation Summary is released by the BLS (September 2).
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  Go Figure

  29% Percentage of Americans who, according to a mid-August Gallup poll, said Unemployment/Jobs was the "most important problem" facing the country today - up from 27% in July and 24% in June, and second only to "the economy in general."  
  What Do You Think?
Will you add staff to your team if the government provides increased tax incentives? Weigh in
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  • No

Management Matters
As a manager, how do you handle situations where direct reports bring their personal issues to work? Surely, you feel empathetic and appreciative of their trust, but how do you address it when those issues are affecting their work. A reader asked our own Anita Clew, who had some words of advice - and created a lot of discussion. See what Anita and her readers had to say.

Safety Rules
Managing workplace safety can no longer be considered a "cost of doing business." Today, it's part of the price of admission. If you want to attract and retain high-performing employees, earn a reputation as a good corporate citizen, and compete in today's global marketplace, you have to uphold the highest safety standards possible. Read more.

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