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Upcoming Events

Power Lunch with Power Training:
Personal Accountability- The "X" Factor

January 13, 2012

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM PST
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WestPack - Booth 5712

Anaheim, CA
February 14-16, 2012
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Top News

Our first issue of 2012 deals with how the holidays impacted the way we do business, including using seasonal workforces as opportunities for “working interviews.” We also look at last year’s decrease in holiday celebrations and whether or not it impacted employee morale. Finally, we toast the December Jobs Report 2011, which gave us some positive changes we can be thankful for.

'Twas the Season for Hiring
During the holidays, there is always a surge in temporary employment, as businesses seek out additional help to offset the added traffic during that time of year. Many managers find that this is an excellent opportunity to assess potential employees for permanent positions.
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Holiday Parties Missed?
The days of hosting a lavish company holiday party are becoming a thing of the past. With hard economic times, more companies cut back on holiday extras. But are employees sad to see holiday parties go? We think they care about other end-of-the-year acknowledgements far more.
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December Jobs Report
The American economy continues to make a slow but steady comeback, with December’s job report once again showing small but positive growth. Things are starting to look up as the unemployment rate continues to drop for the third consecutive month and slowly more jobs are being added.
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  Go Figure

  80% Percentage of client businesses who, according to the American Staffing Association, say staffing companies give them flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times.  
  What Do You Think?
What holiday perks did your company offer this year? Weigh in
• End-of-the-year bonus • Holiday party
• Extra paid vacation time • Employee gift
• Salary increase • None of the above

Management Matters
Acquisitions among companies are becoming more and more common today. While it is natural to be fearful for the future of both your company and your position, learn about five key things you can do to guide your way through a smoother transition. Read more.

Safety Rules
Safety doesn't happen from behind a desk! Bogging down safety managers with excess paperwork and training duties can deter their focus from where it really needs to be. The more time a safety expert can spend in the middle of the action, the better chance your company has of identifying serious hazards and abating them before any injuries occur. Safety managers who take a "hands on" approach become more familiar with company processes and can quickly react to trending risks with practical and immediate corrective actions.

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