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March 2013
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Orlando, FL
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Increasing Productivity through Motivation
Burbank, CA
7:30 am - Noon

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Power Lunch with Power Training
Getting Employees to Own Results

11:15 am PST

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IAWR-WFLO Convention
Hollywood, FL
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3PL Summit
Chicago, IL
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Top News

Immigration Reform in the News
As the national debate on immigration reform heats up, two plans have been released in Washington. Policy-makers face a great deal of pressure to come to an agreement on the nation’s plan for revamping immigration, especially since most businesses have long been managing the effects immigration has had in the workplace. Read more.

While economists and politicians may not agree upon how immigration reform will affect the job market, there is a general consensus that it will have major effects on job seekers and employers. Many believe that reform will open up more jobs to native-born citizens as well as grow our economy.
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Sequestration and the Economy
The recent sequester may have dire effects on government and private sector jobs. Although neither party believed the undesirable plan would benefit the economy, Congress has not reached a deal. Read more about the cuts taking place this year and beyond.
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February Jobs Report
In February, the U.S. economy experienced a drop in the unemployment rate from 7.9% to 7.7% and added 236,000 jobs across several industries — a positive sign that the economic recovery is gaining some real traction.
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Management Matters

Attracting Talent on a Budget
Hiring new employees can be an expensive process, especially if you are looking for highly qualified candidates. We uncover ways to offer more to your potential new hires without breaking the bank. Read more.

Go Figure

Percentage of the world's population, or 215 million people, who live outside of their country
of birth.
Management Tip


Handle diversity by...
encouraging employees to work with others of different backgrounds. You will have a cultured staff that works well with others, regardless of age, race, or religious preference.


Safety Rules

Companies should be aware of OSHA's updated Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), which will now be aligned with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Labeling. The GHS standards will require chemical containers to be labeled with a harmonized signal word, GHS pictogram(s), a hazard statement for each hazard class and category, and a precautionary statement. Please read more about this new regulation at the OSHA website.


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