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April 2013
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Top News

The Affordable Care Act and Business
Obamacare has everyone talking, especially business owners. Though it may seem like a blessing to most Americans who are concerned about the cost of health care, many business owners are asking questions. Read our summary of the most important changes affecting businesses in preparation for an upcoming post on strategic responses to the new legislation. Read more.

Executives’ Opinions – Bad for Business?
Everyone has an opinion about hot-button issues, such as health care, same-sex marriage, and abortion. However, is it a good idea for top executives to release their personal ideas to the media on behalf of their companies? Check out what we say about companies who decide to take a political stance.
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Natural Disaster Preparation for Managers
Unexpected natural disasters can cause significant damage to your office and your team. We have a few tips for making sure that your workplace is ready in case of an emergency.
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March Jobs Report
In March, the unemployment rate in the U.S. dropped only slightly from 7.7% to 7.6%, and the economy added 88,000 jobs across many industries. Very little growth and wage increases made March a near static month for the job market.
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Management Matters

Capitalizing on Team Member Assets
Using your team to the best of their abilities can be one of the best business decisions a manager can make. Read what Anita Clew has to say about finding and capitalizing on the strengths of your employees. Read more.

Go Figure

  3.1 million young people were newly insured between September of 2010 and 2012 due to the Obamacare provision that they may stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26.  
Management Tip


Spring is here...
so enjoy the nice weather! Open the shades and let some light in. Enjoying a bit of sunlight can help increase the moods and the productivity of your team members.


Safety Rules

Foot protection means guarding your toes, ankles, and feet from injury. The feet have 26 bones and 38 joints for movement. They also have blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, and nerves, which is why it hurts when you stub your toe or drop something on your foot. Your feet are a critical part of your body that you use every day and, in some cases, enable you to do your job effectively. Protective footwear in the workplace is designed to protect the foot from physical hazards such as falling objects, stepping on sharp objects, heat and cold, wet and slippery surfaces, or exposure to corrosive chemicals.


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