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May 2013
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IAWR-WFLO Convention
Hollywood, FL
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Increased Productivity through Motivation
Burbank, CA
8 - 10 am
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3PL Summit
Chicago, IL
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Coaching for Improved Performance
Atlanta, GA
8 - 10 am
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CWS Summit
Chicago, IL
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Top News

“Coping” with Obamacare
Obamacare is one of the country’s primary concerns, especially for larger business owners. We recently discussed what it is and how it will affect businesses. Our latest post discusses the best strategic solution – temporary staffing. We cite experts who agree that temporary solutions will be most economical for large companies. With insurance premiums expected to increase, you will want to know what makes this option the best. Read more.

Workplace Wellness
Ever feel not up to par at work? It may be due to a lack of caring for yourself during the working day. We suggest some tips for staying well around the clock, especially in the office.
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A Weak System for Enforcing Safety?
Safety in the workplace is often referred to as rules that stress proper footwear and being careful on the stairs. But how do we look at safety in terms of regulation? Is there enough, and is it enforced? Read our surprising article about enforcement of regulations after looking at a recent tragic event in the heart of Texas.
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April Jobs Report
The jobs report for April is very encouraging, as we have seen a growth in jobs by 165,000 and a slight edging down of the unemployment rate to 7.5% This shows a continuous trend for the past several months that the U.S. economy is in recovery. Check out the exciting data for the staffing industry as well!
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Management Matters

Respectful Rejection
Ending a job search can yield a great sigh of relief, especially if you have found a star for your new position. However, it also requires you to let the other candidates know that the search is over and that they were not the ones chosen. Read what Anita Clew has to say about letting the other candidates down easily. Read more.

Go Figure

  4 The number of common causes of chronic disease, as identified by the Centers for Disease Control. These include lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption.  
Management Tip


Get those sick employees out of the office!
They will spread illness to the rest of the team, causing productivity to drop. Also, your under-the-weather employee will appreciate your caring for their need to get better at home.


Safety Rules

If OSHA walked through the door today to conduct a random inspection, would your company be fined for any violations? Many companies can benefit from conducting their own “Mock OSHA Inspection” of their facilities. Those in charge of safety can partner with their workers’ compensation insurance carrier or local safety consultant to evaluate the likelihood of receiving any fines should OSHA pay a visit. Assign a hypothetical dollar amount to each violation, so you can show upper management the overall exposure of compliance-related issues. A mock inspection like this, coupled with the corresponding hazard abatement, may really improve safety and compliance at your company!


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