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July 2013
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Getting Employees to Embrace Change
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11:15 - 12:15 pm PST
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Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace
Cleveland, OH
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CWS Summit
Chicago, IL
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Top News

Preparing for Employee Vacations
Your team members work hard and deserve some time away from the office whenever they need to take a break. However, poor planning on yours and your staff’s part can lead to scrambling to get extra work done when someone is absent. We discuss ways to cut down on stress when someone needs to take some time away. Read more.

Documenting Worker Responsibilities
What happens when someone leaves the office for a few days or weeks? Is that person’s job taken over by someone else, or does chaos ensue when a staff member needs to take leave and cannot work? We have the perfect solution for those times when you are missing a member of your staff.
Read more.

Managing the Generation Gap
While having an age-diverse staff can be very beneficial, there are still differences between younger and older workers. You can be mindful of these and design your team with them in mind without discriminating against any generation. We offer a few likely differences between your younger and older staff members and some ways to manage these distinctions.
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Independence for Your Business
In light of our nation’s Independence Day, we wanted to share an article from another source that highlights ways to make and keep your business independent.
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June Jobs Report
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' June Employment Situation Summary showed better-than-expected numbers that included 195,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs. The unemployment rate stayed at 7.6%. The jobs report comes on the heels of an announcement this week by President Obama that the "pay or play" mandate of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare) will be delayed by one year to give the administration more time to ensure a smooth transition into the new policies. This decision came as a great relief to many businesses with uncertainty over how they were going to handle the law's implementation in their organizations. Read more.

Go Figure

Percentage of American workers who said the economy has made it less likely that they will travel this summer, according to a poll from Harris Interactive.
Management Tip

  Some requests for time off come up suddenly...
but most employees will make vacation plans far in advance. Implement a policy that states that your staff can take time off when they need it, but also asks them to try and have plans finalized with plenty of time to get their job duties covered while they are away.

Management Matters

Anita Clew recently welcomed a guest and good friend, Bonnie Cox, to discuss developing your employees to have a business owner mentality. Bonnie offers some great tips for finding the best employees and bringing them up in your company so that they will perform their best. Read more.

Safety Rules

Having the right tone at the top can make all the difference when it comes to a company’s overall attitude regarding safety. Companies whose top executives participate in safety meetings and programs are more likely to build a successful safety culture extending throughout the organization. Employees on the front line become more engaged when they see that the company they work for really cares about their safety. Next time your company sponsors a safety luncheon or appreciation day, invite your C-Suite to participate and serve those who serve them every day.

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