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August 2013
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How to Think Like a CEO
Dillon, CO
3:00 - 4:15 pm
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CWS Summit
Chicago, IL
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How to Think Like a CEO
Nashville, TN
3:45 - 5 pm
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How to Think Like a CEO
Sandusky, OH
2:15 - 3:30 pm
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How to Think Like a CEO
La Crosse, WI
10:45 am - Noon
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Top News

Test Your Management Style!
All managers have their own style of overseeing their staff and delegating work to their teams. Some can come across as difficult to talk to, while others have a hard time with confronting their employees with any issues. Although many managers fall right in that happy medium, stress can bring out some of these characteristics. Take our quiz on your management style and then read our tips for some possible pitfalls when managing your team! Read more.

What You Don't Know in Your Office
Do you realize what goes on in your office with regards to your team’s satisfaction? Does anyone on your staff come to you with issues or complaints? Many employees avoid talking about concerns until they are unbearable. That is why you must seek out information that can help your team be more satisfied with their work environment and coworkers. Read our tips on how to talk to your staff.
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Do You Stress Your Team?
Your team needs pressure from you and others in order to perform well, but too much can hurt their spirits and burn them out. Do you know how to allocate the workload across your staff so that all team members have goals that must be achieved through hard work while maintaining enough room to breathe and enjoy their jobs? We refer to a great diagram and set of tips to help you achieve that balance in your office.
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Is Your Employee Hard to Handle?
All managers have had at least one employee who seems to be a little more quirky than the others, and they need more attention or may be more demanding. While some managers shy away from dealing with high-performing, yet high-maintenance, employees, we believe their value is important and that you can help them to develop those skills that need some work. We offer a couple of common scenarios with our thoughts on how to improve their working styles.
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July Jobs Report
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' July Employment Situation Summary showed a slight uptick in the economy as 162,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate fell to 7.4%. Read more.

Go Figure

  71 Percentage of American workers who feel they have a good relationship with their immediate supervisors, according to a 2012 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  
Management Tip

  Using only one style of management...
can be detrimental to your team. Remember that each person on your staff is an individual and must be managed differently. If you take the time and effort to understand each person, you can develop their skills and help them become incredible employees!

Management Matters

Time Theft: Is It Really A Crime?
Do your employees seem to take too much time for breaks or to handle personal business at work? Time theft is very common in the workplace, and many employees do not understand the cost to their employers each year. Anita Clew writes about what constitutes time theft and how to add up what you could be losing if you don’t get it in check! Read more.


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