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September 2013
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Top News

This month, Leader’s Digest is pleased to present a three-article series covering differing areas of discrimination during the hiring process. While these processes being examined are not illegal, we examined the ways in which they are changing and how some areas are legislating these changes. We also included articles about age-discrimination against Generation Y and the August Jobs Report figures.

Delaying Background Checks – A New Hiring Process
Most companies perform background checks on at least some of their new hires, and offers of employment are often made under the condition that applicants have acceptable backgrounds with little or no criminal history. However, this could be changing due to some employers’ and local governments’ opinions that these people need the opportunity to work regardless of their background. Come read what we have to say about the likely causes for this shift in attitude across the country. Read more.

Drug Testing – Necessity or Discrimination?
Does your company test every applicant for recent drug use? If so, you may be interested to know just how many employers are abandoning this process. While hard drug users can be dangerous to any workplace, there is a shift in thought about which drugs are actually harmful enough to interfere with work and about employee privacy. One new concern associated with drug testing may shock and surprise you.
Read more.

Applicant Credit Checks – A Dying Practice
Many companies need to run credit histories on their new hires to make sure they can be trusted, especially if their new jobs deal with money or budgets. However, is it really necessary to run a credit history check on all applicants? Some employers don’t think so. Come see why so many American employers are forgoing this practice.
Read more.

Millennials – A Generation of Unexpected Talents
How many of your employees are under the age of 33? Do you feel they bring important traits to the professional table? Many people believe this younger generation has grown up with a sense of entitlement that prevents them from doing well after school, but is that really true? We note a few of those “annoying” characteristics and how they can actually do wonders for your business.
Read more.

August Jobs Report
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' August Employment Situation Summary showed only a slight fall in the unemployment rate from 7.4% in July to 7.3% in August. While many industries added jobs, such as retail trade and health care, others remained static or lost jobs. Temporary help services also added 64,700 jobs in August. Read more.

Go Figure

  92 Percentage of Millennials who believe business success should be measured by more than just profits, according to a January 2013 survey by Deloitte.  
Management Tip

  Consider the fact that every applicant...
has a unique background with different circumstances. Make sure to thoroughly investigate new hires, but do not forget that there may be understandable explanations for past behaviors, such as poor credit management.

Management MattersResponding to Reference Check Requests
Have you been called upon to be a reference for a former employee? If so, you may be wondering what is acceptable to say to their potential new employer, and what should be kept confidential. There are laws that former employers must adhere to when responding to reference checks. Anita Clew has tips for knowing exactly what is and is not acceptable when giving out information on former staff members. Read more.

Management Matters

Earlier this year, OSHA directed their Certified Safety & Health Officers to assess training during their inspections to ascertain whether temporary workers have been adequately trained on the hazards in their workplace. Not only should the training be in a language that the employee can understand, but it should be documented by both the company and the temporary employment agency. This initiative includes a new tracking mechanism so data can be analyzed. If you are not training and documenting the training of temporary workers, you may be exposed to potential citations.

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