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January 2014
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Journaling for Professional Success
11:15am-12:15pm PST
Online Webinar
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Increasing Motivation in Under-Performing Employees
7:30 - 11:30am
Woodland Hills, CA
$25 refunded upon attendance
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March 23 - 25
Phoenix, AZ
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April 26 - 30
San Diego, CA
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3PL Summit
June 11 - 13
Chicago, IL
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CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
Cost Varies
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Top News

How to Work Better in the New Year!
Many of us make New Year’s resolutions that include new health or diet plans, financial strategies, or goals for our families. Sometimes we forgot that a new year is a great opportunity to evaluate our performance at work in the prior year and come up with some resolutions for our professional lives. We don’t just mean trying to focus better – there are many ways in which most of us could improve professionally, and we know some common scenarios that may cause you to make a few changes! Read more.

Office Ergonomics – An Important New Year Priority
Do you feel you are set up for comfort at work? Many employees do not realize the physical stress of simply sitting at a computer or standing for long periods of time, and work-related injuries are not limited to accidents. Some of them occur over time from poor posture and other physical issues. There are some common fixes to work station set-ups that can cause these issues, and we have the tips to help you and your team!
Read more.

Are We Hurting Our Female Leaders?
It is no secret that business still seems to be a man’s world at many companies. There are many reasons why women don’t always ascend to the top, and not all of them are bad. However, when a woman does manage to secure a high-profile executive position, or even an influential manager’s position, she may face criticism or judgments that men in equal positions don’t. A recent example of a top company’s CEO may shed some light on how we treat our female leaders.
Read more.

The PR Move That Could Save a Company
We have discussed before that executives and those in highly visible places within popular companies have the added weight of watching their words very carefully. Once in a while, a media frenzy is centered around something an executive did or said, and it can have heavy consequences for the company. How companies handle the backlash is always interesting, and Lululemon has chosen a path that will likely result in recovery.
Read more.

December 2013 Jobs Report
The unemployment rate fell again from 7.0% to 6.7%, making the December jobs report look phenomenal! However, lower than projected job gains along with stagnant stocks may mean this month’s decrease in the unemployment rate cannot be backed up by any other major economic factor. Read more.

Management Matters

Our good friend Anita Clew writes an advice blog for managers and job seekers. We know that as a manager, you experience many tough situations, and you may not always know the right answer. We invite you to browse through some of Anita’s nearly 100 entries with helpful hints for managers and supervisors, and she would love to hear from you if you have a question! Read more.

Go Figure

  4.5% The number of women who hold
CEO positions in Fortune 1000 companies,according to Catalyst.org.
Management Tip


Ask your team to come up with...
a New Year's resolution for the whole group. This could be to shorten meeting times or plan to do a team lunch at least once a month. An attainable resolution can help build team cooperation and productivity!

Safety RulesSlips, Trips, and Falls Tips!
It is everyone’s job to be mindful of safety, and one of the most common work-related injuries is a fall on the stairs! Here are a few tips to keep in mind while going up and down at your workplace.

  • Always use the handrail
  • Use the right side of the stairs to improve traffic flow
  • Never carry objects that prevent you from using the handrail or block your view of the stairs.
  • Do not do anything that would cause others to release the handrail to get around you.
  • Make sure the stairs are clear and free of all obstacles. Never use a stairway for temporary storage.
  • Be on guard for single steps when entering or exiting a room. Sudden level changes can be hazardous. Highlight these single steps whenever possible.

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