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March 2014
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3 Massive Mistakes Managers Make When Coaching
7:30 am - Noon
San Diego, CA
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March 23 - 25
Phoenix, AZ
Cost Varies
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April 26 - 30
San Diego, CA
Cost Varies
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End the Blame Game:
Getting Employees to Own Results
7:30 am - Noon
Atlanta, GA
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3PL Summit
June 11 - 13
Chicago, IL
Cost Varies
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CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
Cost Varies
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Top News

How to Motivate Your Team
All managers face a tough situation when they can’t seem to motivate their employees. You don’t want to get stuck in the endless loop of firing and hiring just because you can’t seem to find employees who are inspired to perform. Instead, take a look at your style when it comes to motivation. We offer ways to help you tap into your employees’ individually preferred management styles when it comes to motivating them. Your team could be performing better in no time! Read more.

3 Mistakes Managers Make When Motivating
As a manager, you must be able to motivate your employees so that they can reach their full potential and do great things for your company! We invited Bonnie Cox from Power Training Institute back for another great lesson, this time about the mistakes you may be making when it comes to motivating your team members. She describes a few common mistakes that can have a very negative impact on your employees and your team’s productivity.
Read more.

Consumer Needs Over Company Gains
In a time when health is of major concern to many companies and individuals, some corporations stand out from the rest. While many retailers make enormous profits by continuing to sell tobacco-based products, which are known to cause health problems, one retailer has decided to phase out the sale of tobacco products over the next several months. Could this mean a large cut in profits for the health care retailer or will their move secure the loyalty of their customers who agree with CVS’ stance?
Read more.

Interviewing for Personality
Do you have in mind the personality types you need in each position on your team? Perhaps you just want to make sure you are hiring someone who will fit in well or who has specific traits that will help get his or her job done well. It is never too early to consider an applicant’s personality type, and we think you should start with the interview! We have some interview questions that can help you get to know your potential employees’ personality types.
Read more.

February 2014 Jobs Report
While the unemployment rate rose from 6.6% in January to 6.7% in February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 175,000 jobs were added in several industries, including temporary help services. Read more.


Management Matters

Is Telecommuting Right for You and Your Company?
Have your employees asked you about telecommuting? Perhaps some of your employees have special circumstances or are having a hard time with their commutes. There may be some great reasons to consider this flexibility for your team, but there are also some drawbacks. Anita Clew has some pros and cons related to telecommuting so that you can evaluate your company’s situation. Read more.

Go Figure
  1957 The year in which Surgeon General Leroy E. Burney declared that the U.S. Public Health Service validated the position that there is a causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer. Read more here.  
Management Tip

There is no doubt...
your employees will feel more motivated when they feel engaged. Check in with them to make sure they are happy and thriving in their positions.

Safety Rules

Time for Spring Cleaning!
Spring is the perfect time to clean! Flu season may have done a number on your home and workplace, so go ahead and move the furniture and do a deep clean to rid your area of germs. However, make sure to use proper lifting and moving techniques as well as watch for falling objects. Remove any hazardous objects such a loose nails in walls and have a partner help you if you have any large items you need relocated or thrown out.

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