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April 2014
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3 Massive Mistakes Managers Make When Motivating
7:30 am - Noon
Olive Branch, MS
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April 26 - 30
San Diego, CA
Cost Varies
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End the Blame Game:
Getting Employees to Own Results
7:30 am - Noon
Atlanta, GA
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3PL Summit
June 11 - 13
Chicago, IL
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CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
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Top News

Identifying Potential Partnerships on Your Team
Your workplace is a dynamic melting pot filled with different personalities, working styles, and skills sets. As a manager, you are tasked with running an effective and productive team, but sometimes your employees hit road blocks on their own. Have you ever thought of having some of your staff members work together on related projects or in areas where one can offer the other skills training? Follow our three-part series on workplace partnerships with this post, aimed at helping you identify who in your office should pair up to produce great work and learn together! Read more.

Managing Effective Partnerships on Your Team
The second post in a three-part series on workplace partnerships offers you the opportunity to see how those partnerships are working as well as provide guidance to those who need a little help. You want to manage your small teams without overmanaging them or impeding their partnerships. Help your small teams get started and stay productive with tips for some common scenarios in workplace partnerships!
Read more.

Managing Ineffective Partnerships on Your Team
We wrap up our series on office partnerships by helping you to identify those partnerships that are not working out and coaching you on what to do next. There are always some common pitfalls when it comes to pairing up to work together, and your small teams will be no exception. You may be able to salvage some of these teams or may choose to break them up and switch things up a bit. Whatever you decide, we have some tips about dealing with these ineffective partnerships.
Read more.

March 2014 Jobs Report
The unemployment rate remained at 6.7% for the month of March and the United States economy added 192,000 jobs spanning across many industries. Read more.


Management Matters

Top 10 Attitudes Employers Should Look For
When you source candidates for a new job, it is no surprise, especially in today’s economy, that you receive an overwhelming amount of responses and résumés. While you can weed out many of them, there will be several at the top of the pile that have comparable skill sets and experience, which can leave you baffled as to who to interview and hire. Once you narrow down your small pool, hire for attitude! Anita Clew offers advice on the top 10 attitudes any manager would be wise to hire. Read more.

Go Figure
  10 Teams with this many or more employees tend to be less engaged than teams with 9 or fewer employees, according to a Gallup study of the American workforce between 2010 and 2012.  
Management Tip

Be open to alternative ideas...
for managing your staff. Partnerships between team members may seem less productive initially, but some have the potential to deliver business-changing results!

Safety Rules

Abating physical hazards is very important, but the majority of workplace injuries are caused by unsafe behavior. Therefore, a good preemployment screening program in addition to the common drug screening, background checks, references verification, etc. is critical to having a safe and reliable workforce. Administering behavioral tests can help you identify who may have a propensity towards theft, drugs, violence, fraud, and dependability, which is very valuable information when selecting a candidate. Asking questions that reveal their attitude about safety and being selective will make a big difference.

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