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May 2014
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3PL Summit
June 11 - 13
Chicago, IL
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CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
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Top News

The Real Reason behind Unequal Pay
You see articles in the news and on blogs all the time about how women are paid less — or not depending on whom you ask. Each side has reasons for believing or distrusting current figures on pay and gender, and there is plenty of research that can be spun to support either side. TradePost takes a close look at the underlying issues women face in the workplace and how that can contribute to lower pay and fewer opportunities. Read more.

Workplace Attire and How it Holds Women Back
TradePost continues the question of how women are challenged in the workplace with a post focusing on clothing and appearance expectations. While it is common knowledge that women have a tough time finding trendy clothes that also look professional, one might not expect to hear that women also have to consider how much they want to stand out in their clothes at work.
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Use Social Media for Business…Carefully
Did you read the headlines about US Airways’ embarrassing and inappropriate mistake on social media? They’re just the latest to fall victim to this type of gaffe. Social networking is a very important tool for businesses, but even the silliest mistake can cost you greatly if enough people are offended or if the controversy goes viral.
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Open Office Plans – Good or Bad?
Does your office have cubicles for some or all of your team members? Perhaps there is just one large area where many workstations share the open space. Office organization is a large undertaking and you want to make sure your staff is being productive. Open office plans can have a negative impact on that productivity, but maybe not if you finagle the ideal open office situation.
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April 2014 Jobs Report
The unemployment rate fell 0.4% to 6.3% in April, and several industries had notable job gains, including temporary help services, which has continued to show job gains year over year. Read more.


Management Matters

10 Commandments to Avoid Email Miscommunications
Anita Clew always has wise words for managers and job seekers alike, and her recent two-part series on avoiding email miscommunications is one that can help any person learn better email etiquette. From sending jokes that only work well in person to using demanding and harsh tones, we are all guilty of sending emails that have come across in a negative way. Read Anita’s first post and then her second for tips on staying on your recipient’s good side every time you send an email!

Go Figure

The number of small and medium-sized companies who use social media to drive growth for their businesses, according to a November 2013 LinkedIn study.

Management Tip

Take a close look at gender equality...
in your own office. If you feel you or any member of your staff may be guilty of gender discrimination, it is never too late to turn it around with sensitivity training or a conscious effort to treat all coworkers fairly!

Safety Rules

Car Safety: The Distraction of Cell Phones
Cell phones are a way of life and the nature of business. You may have heard that it’s fine to use a cell phone while driving if you’re using a hands-free set-up, but that isn’t true. It may be an improvement to holding the phone to your ear or a blue tooth, but any time you’re having a conversation on a cell phone, your full attention is not on your driving. It’s a rare call that’s so important that you can’t wait a few minutes until you can pull over to make it.

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