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June 2014
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3PL Summit
June 11 - 13
Chicago, IL
Cost Varies
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3 Massive Mistakes
Managers Make That Keep
Employees Playing the Blame Game
Nashville, TN


Bridging the Generational Gap
11:15am - 12:15pm
Online webinar
Register here


How to Think Like a CEO
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Pricing varies


CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
Cost Varies
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Top News

Interviewing and Hiring New Graduates
Have you interviewed a new graduate for an open position recently? You may have noticed that some tendencies of this group may seem more immature than seasoned professionals. You may have interviewed some older candidates and liked their answers and demeanor better, but remember that these professionals have spent years polishing their interview skills. We have tips to help you find great enthusiastic new graduates by looking slightly beyond their lack of experience in an interview. Read more.

Whose Market Is It?
With the economy recovering from the Great Recession, many job seekers are still having trouble finding work. However, the unemployment rate is steadily falling and those looking for new positions and unemployed individuals searching for opportunities may be gaining the upper hand in the hiring market.
Read more.

Negotiating with Generation Y
So you have decided to hire a Millennial? Were you surprised at their negotiation skills and requests? This younger generation expects some different perks when it comes to starting a new job. Money is not the only thing that is important to workers in Generation Y, and you may want to reevaluate your compensation packages for this rising group of employees.
Read more.

Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Have you read some of the stories in the news about security breaches at large retailers and banks? These huge compromises in consumer and company data are getting more difficult to avoid. However, some simple training for your staff about ways to protect your security online can help your company steer clear of these dangerous problems.
Read more.

May 2014 Jobs Report
The unemployment rate remained at 6.3% in May while some industries, including temporary help services, gained jobs. Other industries, such as government and retail, remained unchanged. Read more.


Management Matters

The Importance of Vacations
The summer months always bring lots of requests from your staff for time off. Their kids are out of school, there is beautiful weather outside, and it is the perfect time for families, or anyone, for that matter, to take a few days off to relax! There is never a good time to be out of the office as there is always work to get done. However, be mindful that your employees need to take some time off in order to be productive. Anita Clew reminds us of how important vacation time truly is. Read more.

Go Figure

The number of employers who say they are planning to hire new graduates in 2014, according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll and CareerBuilder earlier this year.

Management Tip

Be prepared to receive résumés...
from those with little work experience. Evaluate your open positions to determine whether you have space for a new graduate with less experience.

Safety Rules

Heat Stress at Work
It’s almost summertime, and the temperatures are rising! Remember that your employees need plenty of water and breaks, especially if they are in the sun or hot buildings. Heat stroke is the most severe heat-related injury, but there are other milder forms of heat stress that can harm your staff. Check out the CDC’s webpage on heat stress for more information on these serious injuries and tips for preventing them!

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