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July 2014
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How to Think Like
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Coaching in Key Relationships:
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End the Blame Game: Getting Employees to
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Top News

State of the Economy & June 2014 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy has seen tough times over the past few years, and speculation as to its health and recovery is in the news every day. In recent weeks and months, optimism for the health of our economy has seemed to wane, but a stronger-than-expected June Jobs Report caused immediate optimism that many hope will carry us out of The Great Recession once and for all. Read more.

Smart Recruiting Techniques
Recruiting is becoming more difficult for hiring managers as there are many places, especially online, where job seekers go to find jobs. Also, with the market turning back in favor of top talent, hiring managers need to be more strategic when seeking the best professionals to fill their open positions. Read more.

Managing Your Online Reputation
Many consumers and job seekers now rely on information from online review sites to help them make decisions about whether or not to do business with your company. You may have chalked some of these bad reviews of your company up to disgruntled former employees or a few dissatisfied customers, but it is important to recover from a negative online reputation, no matter how unfair it may be.
Read more.

Managing During Employee Turnover
Uh oh, one of your staff members has just given notice that they will be moving on... or has even quit with no notice! Transitions to new staff members are always rough on you and your staff, but there are steps you can take to make sure this turnover causes minimal disruption to your business.
Read more.

Hiring and Retaining in Your Company Culture
Have you ever had an employee that came into the company feeling great, but then began to complain about the dress code or schedule? It is not easy to find the candidate with the best résumé, a winning personality and work ethic, and a preference for your exact company culture. By following our tips during your hiring process and when dealing with your staff long-term, you may be able to reduce turnover due to poor cultural fits.
Read more.

Management Matters

"Atta Girl" – Handling Compliments at Work
As a manager, you work very hard to do your own work as well as help your team stay on track. That said, there are bound to be times when you take the heat for a mistake on your staff. This is the time to remind yourself that you have done well by referring to your personal archive of compliments you have received from your leadership. Likewise, your staff should be keeping track of compliments they receive. Anita Clew gives advice on how to keep that record and how to use it. Read more.

Go Figure

The number of respondents who said the economy has not fully recovered according to a survey of 577 respondants conducted by The Select Family of Staffing Companies.

Management Tip

Don't be afraid to use...
a temporary staffing firm for your needs. Recruiting is a tough job and you deserve the best fit for your open job!


Safety Rules

Learning from an Incident
So much of our time as safety and staffing professional is spent on preventing an incident that it's easy to lose sight of what we should do and learn when an unfortunate incident occurs. Here are three important steps to take:

  1. Stop other employees from performing these duties immediately; be certain that others are not in harm's way.
  2. Gather as much detail as possible about how and why the incident occurred. Then, communicate those details to stakeholders to discuss what you can do differently as a team to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  3. Create a corrective action; new machine guarding, extensive training or retraining, and disciplinary measures are all examples of what may need to occur in a very short time to ensure repeat incidents and others like it do not occur.
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