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September 2014
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Power Lunch with Power Training: Creating a Safe Environment for Others to Speak
11:15am PST


End the Blame Game: Getting Employees to Own Results
Spokane, WA
Pricing varies

October width=

How to Think Like a CEO
Spokane, WA
Pricing varies


One Bad Apple: Managing Employees with Rotten Attitudes
Fort Worth, TX
Pricing varies


Changing the HR Mindset: From Process-Driven to Strategic Profitability
Fort Worth, TX
Pricing varies


Horrible Bosses: Managing Bad Boss Behavior
Fort Worth, TX
Pricing varies


CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
Cost Varies
More info

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Top News

Giving Employees Feedback They Don't Want to Hear
Do you have employees who dress inappropriately? Who text constantly during meetings? Who come in late every day? It's time to give that employee feedback they might not want to hear. But the thought of having a tough conversation does not need to make you queasy. Follow these four steps to make even the most awkward situation manageable. Read more.

Learn from the #IceBucketChallenge and Build Extraordinary Teams
Millions of people, including business moguls like Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, and Oprah Winfrey, have doused themselves in ice water as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral fundraising campaign to combat Lou Gehrig's disease has taken over the news and social media. Managers can learn from the success of the movement and understand how being soaked in freezing cold water holds lessons for building incredible teams.
Read more.

Tax Inversions: Shady or Savvy?
Burger King has agreed to buy Tim Hortons for over $11 billion and will move their corporate headquarters to Canada. The controversial move will allow the fast food giant to take advantage of Canada's more favorable corporate tax rate. Critics claim that "tax inversion" deals like this are shady business tactics motivated by greed, but supporters insist that they allow American companies to stay competitive and profitable in a country with the highest corporate tax of any industrialized nation. Who's right?
Read more.

It's Your First Day as a Manager, Now What?
You're promoted on a Friday and are expected to be a manager Monday morning. You want to earn respect and credibility, but you're not sure how to "be the boss." Rather than simply falling into old habits, set the tone for the kind of manager you're going to be and start building a reputation immediately by doing three key things on your first day as a manager.
Read more.

August 2014 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy added 142,000 jobs in August, and the unemployment rate declined slightly to 6.1%. Industries with the highest growth were professional and business services, health care, food and drinking places, and construction. Read more.


Management Matters

Late from Lunch
Since salaried employees are not clocking in and out when they go to lunch, they might form a bad habit of taking longer and longer lunch breaks. How do you handle this kind of behavior when an employee is exempt and isn't paid by the hour? Read more.

Go Figure

How Long Have Seekers Been Looking for Work?
according to a Select Family survey of 1,500 respondents


Management Tip


Your team members are not always...

going to come to a perfect consensus; a diverse group of people will have diverse opinions.

Allow those with different views to voice their thoughts. A variety of perspectives leads to innovation and new ideas.

Make sure that any disagreement is centered around respect. Never allow it to be an outlet to attack someone as a person.


Safety Rules

Avoiding Amputations
Amputations are the most commonly reported injury to OSHA, with injured employees often having been exposed to unguarded or inadequately safeguarded machinery (conveyers, power presses, printing presses, form bending machines, food slicers, food processors, food grinders, band saws, drill presses, milling machines, and shears, to name a few). The job duties for these employees can come from activities you may not suspect, such as material handling, forklift operations, trash compacting, and any action performed during maintaining and cleaning of such equipment.

OSHA has mandated that employers, not machine manufacturers, are required to manage, recognize, identify, and control hazards in their workplace, including:

  • Evaluating any mechanical motion that rotates, transverses, cuts, reciprocates, punches/stamps, shears, and/or bends
  • Implementing guards that ensure a barrier from body parts accessing a hazardous area and do not obstruct employees' view of required job duties
  • Ensuring those guards will interrupt or deactivate if any body part enters the hazard area or if the guard is tampered with or removed.
  • Ensuring Lock Out Tag Out is performed during janitorial or cleaning operations, maintenance, machine relocation, or the clearing of jams

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