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October 2014
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One Bad Apple: Managing Employees with Rotten Attitudes
Fort Worth, TX
Pricing varies


Changing the HR Mindset: From Process-Driven to Strategic Profitability
Fort Worth, TX
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Horrible Bosses: Managing Bad Boss Behavior
Fort Worth, TX
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CWS Summit
October 8 - 9
Las Vegas, NV
Cost Varies
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Power Lunch with Power Training: Why Should Your Employer Keep You?
11:15am PST


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Top News

Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?
Raising the minimum wage is both applauded as a measure that will expand the middle class and also criticized as economic folly that will eliminate jobs and hurt the economy. With 13 states having raised their minimum wage requirements this year and the Obama administration hoping to raise the federal wage to $10.10 an hour, the debate continues to focus on what a wage hike would do to jobs and how it would affect the national economy. Read more.

A World without Email?
Over 90 billion work emails are sent and received every day and has become the business world’s primary source of communication. Some companies, however, are trying to re-establish boundaries for employees between work and personal time, and a handful of businesses are trying to diminish their reliance on email as the default form of communication.
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The Power of Online Opinions
Approximately 95% of customers share bad experiences online, and online review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have increasingly come to influence buying decisions. Additionally, 90% of people say that positive reviews influence their choice on whether or not to buy. Positive reviews can gain a company publicity and praise, while bad reviews (and how a company handles them) can go viral just as quickly and damage businesses irreparably.
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Stop Rewarding Overwork
In a constantly connected world, technology allows workers to be available 24/7 and success has become tied the amount of hours a person works. In 2013, the highest earners in the United States were those who worked 60-80 hours a week, and employees who try to limit their working hours to something more reasonable might find themselves passed up for promotions or raises. Managers need to create a work environment that stops rewarding overwork and instead starts monitoring results.
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September 2014 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate decreased to 5.9%, dipping below 6% for the first time since the 2008 recession. The number of long-term unemployed essentially remained the same. Read more.


Management Matters

Run Better Meetings
Are your employees stifling yawns during your meetings? Or trying to text under the conference table? Nine out of 10 people drift off and daydream during meetings. Use Anita Clew’s 7 helpful tips to keep your meetings productive and engaging. Read more.

Go Figure


The percentage of U.S. families with two working parent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When surveyed, The Modern Family Index found 39% of parents fear being denied a raise because of family responsibilities.

Management Tip


Know when to choose between...
email and face-to-face communication. Never choose to send an email if your emotions are high, if you’re critiquing an employees’ performance, or if your words could be misunderstood and offend the recipient. The meaning of your message can get lost in translation and performance conversations should always happen face-to-face.

Safety Rules

Training for Safety
Are you giving employees the necessary job-specific safety training they need? For any safety-sensitive position, workers should be fully trained prior to performing any tasks on their own. Machinery, confined spaces, chemicals, and other hazards can be extremely dangerous when presented to an employee unaware of their risk. Clearly explain to your workforce not to perform any tasks they haven't been fully trained to execute. This will help prevent employees from "helping" in areas that could lead to a serious injury or worse!

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