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December 2014
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International Warehouse Logistics Association Expo
Savannah, GA
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International Assoc. of Refrigerated Warehouse - World Food Logistics Organization Convention
Orlando, FL
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Top News

Holiday hiring in 2014 Holiday Hiring: Highest Since 1999?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year for retailers and consumers as holiday shopping sprees are in full force. With consumer confidence at its highest levels since 2007, Americans are planning on increasing their spending this holiday season by 4%. Optimistic sales predications are prompting businesses from all industries to increase their workforce; retailers alone plan to add 800,000 workers, the highest since 1999. Read more.

Managing Toxic Employees
Some 94% of leaders say that they’ve had to deal with individuals who exhibit toxic behavior. Toxic employees escalate office tension and reduce productivity. To change harmful behavior, managers need to understand not only how to identify 5 types of damaging employees, but also how to address these behaviors before they infect the whole workplace.
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“Unlimited” Vacation: A Benefit or Burden?
As Christmas creeps closer and New Year looms, employees will be counting their available vacation days to decide if they’ll take time off during the holidays. Some companies however eliminate the need to count or save vacation hours by getting rid of vacation policies altogether and offering unlimited paid vacation to their staff. Advocates of such non-policies are convinced they increase productivity and morale, but are they as ideal as their utopian vision claims?
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No More Managers?
Zappos became one of the most recent companies to decide that managers don’t matter and aren’t need at their company. The much-beloved retailer is in the process of eliminating traditional management and corporate hierarchy, following in the wake of other businesses that believe managers are an obstacle to productivity and innovation and employees function and perform better in flat structures.
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November 2014 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy saw strong growth in November and added 321,000 job, the most in nearly three years. The unemployment rate remained steady at 5.8%. In contrast to recent months, average hourly earnings rose last month and over the year, hourly earnings have risen 2.1%. Read more.

Management Matters

Giving (and Receiving) Holiday Client Gifts
If 2014 was a profitable year for your sales department, you may want to say "thank you" by sending clients Christmas gifts. Anita Clew weighs in on when it’s appropriate to give gifts and outlines the HR guidelines companies should follow when giving or receiving gifts. She also suggests creative and thoughtful ideas for expressing gratitude and sending holiday cheer. Read more.

Go Figure


The portion of job seekers who say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers, according to the Glassdoor Diversity Hiring Survey.

Management Tip


Tis the season to...
spread holiday cheer among your staff! Take your team out for lunch, write them thank you notes for a successful year, and if you can, allow flexibility in schedules so that team members can spend time with friends and family.

Safety Rules

Coming Into Work Sick
Sometimes there is just no getting around going into work sick. Although you should always try to stay home when sick to avoid spreading germs, if you absolutely must come to work, follow these guidelines to prevent spreading germs and infecting others.

  • Wash hands numerous times throughout the day, especially after using or touching items that may be used by others, like office supplies, door handles, etc. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your workspace.
  • Frequently clean your desk and work surfaces. Remember to use sanitary wipes on places you might not always clean, like your keyboard, mouse, and phone receiver.
  • Clean and disinfect your water bottle every day and never let a coworker take a sip!
  • Avoid hand shaking, hugging, or other close physical contact as the common cold and flu can be spread through touch.

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