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January 2015
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International Warehouse Logistics Association Expo
Savannah, GA
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International Assoc. of Refrigerated Warehouse - World Food Logistics Organization Convention
Orlando, FL
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Top News

Our Top Ten Posts from 2014 Our Top Ten Articles from 2014
A higher minimum wage, paid sick leave, eliminating management, and transparent salaries were just some of the 2014 business trends that will have impact long into the future. As companies look toward an optimistic 2015, take a moment to reflect on the most-read TradePost articles from the previous year. Read more.

Alternatives to Annual Reviews
Both employees and managers dread the annual performance review; only 3% of managers think that their company's performance management system provides exceptional value, and even employees who are oriented towards learning find them unhelpful. When both the reviewer and the reviewed confess that annual evaluations have little purpose, should they continue to be part of the system?
Read more.

Can’t Give Out Bonuses? Eight Ways You Can Still Reward Your Employees
The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to show appreciation for your employees and invigorate them for 2015. Instead of cold hard cash, your employees will still feel the love with one of these eight rewards instead.
Read more.

December 2014 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy continued to improve in December, adding 252,000 jobs. The unemployment rate dropped another 0.2% to 5.6%, the lowest since June 2008. Read more.

Management Matters

Working Toward 10,000 Steps
Many people want 2015 to be the year they keep their resolutions. With so many people trying to get healthier in the New Year, Anita Clew offers advice on how managers can encourage employees to sneak more activity into their workday and reach 10,000 steps every day. Read more.

Go Figure


The amount of employers who
expect to increase staffing
levels in 2015, according to
the Employer Associations of
America National Business
Trends Survey

Management Tip


Give your employees the chance...
to choose at least one of their own goals for 2015. Let them work on a new project, be a part of a team, take on an initiative, or master a new skill.

Safety Rules

The Danger of Complacency
Complacency is among the most common underlying cause of fatalities and injuries in the workplace. When workers are overconfident or simply not focused on their environment, they become disconnected and unaware of dangers or deficiencies. They may tune out safety devices, become too comfortable around equipment or machinery, take short cuts in Standard Operating Procedures, or use safety equipment improperly.

Combat complacency by:

  • Committing to daily Safety Contacts (Safety Moments, Safety Conversations, etc).
  • Ensuring the Safety Leadership Team is setting an example of Safety Engagement.
  • Empowering employee involvement by giving feedback and creating a system that stimulates safety communications.

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