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February 2015
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International Warehouse Logistics Association Expo
Savannah, GA
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International Assoc. of Refrigerated Warehouse - World Food Logistics Organization Convention
Orlando, FL
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Top News

Our Top Ten Posts from 2014 Super Bowl Ads: Lessons for Corporate America
Whether you were ecstatic or depressed that the Patriots won the Super Bowl, the champion of the grand sporting event is not the only thing that will be immortalized; the commercials can be just as celebrated and remembered. The most impressive and famous advertisements from previous Super Bowls showcase lessons for companies wanting to create organizations with culture just as anticipated and enticing as these viral ads. Read more.

7 Hiring Trends to Watch in 2015
This year offers the most optimistic hiring outlook since 2008. Unemployment has fallen to pre-Recession levels, more than 1/3 of employers are predicting to hire full-time staff, and employees are more confident that if they leave their current role they will find a new one. Companies need to prepare for a positive job market that will tip hiring back in the favor of the job seeker.
Read more.

Should Employers Mandate Vaccinations?
Disneyland may be the "happiest place on earth," but it also one of the worst locations for a measles outbreak, as occurred a few weeks ago. Diseases once essentially eradicated in the United States have resurfaced in the last few years as people increasingly choose to forgo vaccinations. As these types of outbreaks continue to increase, Disneyland and other employers face the question of whether they should – or can – require employees to get vaccinated.
Read more.

2015: The Year of Women in Business
Although Time magazine may have wanted to ban the word "feminist," more and more people are starting to embrace the term, especially in the business world. Multiple studies and an abundance of research have proven women's effectiveness as influencers, leaders, and team members. As women continue to establish themselves as invaluable assets to their companies, they will take on more influence and leadership – and companies won't regret it.
Read more.

January 2015 Jobs Report
The U.S. economy continued to show strength in the first month of the year; 257,00 jobs were added and although the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 5.7%, analysts estimate that the increase was due to more people looking for work in an optimistic job market. Read more.

Management Matters

Keeping Employees Happy
In an optimistic job market, employees may be tempted to leave their jobs if they are unhappy. Anita Clew offers advice to managers about what makes employees start looking for new opportunities and how to keep their superstar employees happy. Read more.

Go Figure

  35 Percent

Percentage of employees who report they will look for a new job if they do not receive a pay raise in the next 12 months, according to a recent Glassdoor survey.

Management Tip


Keep positive responses and supportive feedback in your management arsenal...
ready for use whenever you need them. When an employee comes with a concern, idea, or question, use such phrases as "Let's try it;" "I have complete confidence in you;" and "Do you have the resources you need?"

Safety Rules

Building Safety into the System
Those in safety and management circles speak of changing the behavior of employees to reduce the frequency of injuries. What is often overlooked is the conditions in which the hazards exist. Safety professionals and all levels of management need to vigilantly examine whether the environment of employees is safe and free of hazards.

Is the machinery being used in production engineered with safety in mind? Do the tools provided to employees accurately complement their job duties? Does the management system in place allow for flexibility to adjust to safety hazards?

Before we can ask our employees to behave safely, we need to look into the safety mirror and provide employees the best possible safety environment that allows employees the chance to work safe, be safe, and stay safe.

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