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April 2015
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Top News

Supreme Court rules in favor of Peggy Young What to Expect (at Work) When You're Expecting
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that Peggy Young, a former delivery driver for UPS, could bring suit against her employer for violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, a claim the lower courts had thrown out. When Young became pregnant, her doctor restricted the amount she could lift, but UPS denied her request for accommodation and forced her on unpaid leave. Young is just one example of what pregnant workers can expect at work when they're expecting. Read more.

Still Working at 100? Not Going to Happen.
The common vision for retirement used to be plenty of leisure time spent perfecting your golf swing. For many Baby Boomers, however, retirement many mean not retiring at all. Some 75% of Boomers are putting off retirement and trying to stay in the workforce due to financial desperation. They want to keep working, but for employers, the feeling is not always mutual, and many Boomers face discrimination when attempting to remain in the labor force.
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Spring Cleaning Your Management Style
Now that spring has officially sprung, the welcome change in weather will prompt people to start scouring through their closets, garages, and attics to decide what should be kept and what should be discarded among the clutter and mess. Managers should also use this season to spring clean their own management style by assessing which habits should be kept and which need to be tossed in the trash.
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Should Starbucks Have Asked Us to #RaceTogether?
When Starbucks introduced their now infamous "Race Together" campaign, Tom Schultz, CEO and Chairman of the beverage goliath, encouraged baristas to write "#Race Together" on customers' cups in order to "start a discussion about race in America." Schultz has not been shy in the past about taking a stand on public issues, but the initiative to assert himself (and his employees) into an intractable public debate garnered Schultz and the company a storm of public backlash.
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March Jobs Report
The first quarter of 2015 ended with a stumble, as the U.S. economy added 126,000 jobs, the lowest monthly gain since December 2013, and the unemployment rate stayed steady at 5.5%. Economists cited several reasons, including the harsh winter in the Northeast, as the cause for the slowdown. Read more.

Management Matters

Onboarding New Employees
A concerned managers worries that new employees are "thrown into the deep end" in a fast-paced department without much training or preparation. Many can't keep up, and the team has high turnover. Anita Clew offers advice on how properly onboarding employees can help them stay afloat, succeed in their role, and increase organizational retention. Read more.

Go Figure

  89 Percent

The percentage of employers who plan to give raises in 2015, according to a new study by PayScale; 43% of companies also report larger bonus budgets than last year.

Management Tip


Transform your team into brand ambassadors...
by encouraging your employees to follow company social media accounts and interact with content posted there. Employees that are socially engaged enhance your organization's reputation and attract other qualified candidates. Make sure that your team also understands and commits to your company's social media policies.

Safety Rules

Protecting Your Precious Back

Many demands are placed on your back at work; no wonder it is one of the most injury-prone areas of the body. Here are a few quick tips to take special care of your back while working.

If you sit for long periods of time...

  • Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Your feet should not dangle, so you may need a stool (a ream of paper works great too).
  • Keep your back firmly against the chair. A small pillow or lumbar support can give additional comfort.
  • Arrange your work area with heavy items close to you to avoid overreaching and turn you entire body/chair rather than twisting
If you stand for long periods of time...
  • Stand up straight and keep you head aligned with your hips.
  • Avoid twisting or overreaching.
  • Place one foot on a small stool, box, or other support. Alternate the resting foot.

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